Road Map

Gee Industries is a private corporation, because of that, we don't have to focus our attention on "features" designed solely to generate more revenue. Sure we want Crafting Space to eventually become self-sufficient, but until then, we'll continue to fund and update the site, focusing more on slow organic growth.

The current version was not developed by Gee Industries, but by a third party, designed to provide the site with the basic functionality to get online. We will try to make a few tweaks here and there if requested, but our main focus is on the next version, which will include everything in this version, but with the following planned...

Version 2...

  • Vacation mode. Able to put up a message and disable the ability to buy from your store, but still allowing people to explore it
  • Etsy Import. Building an import system to work along side the Etsy export system.
  • Tracking shipping. Able to add tracking codes, this may become a requirement, both for shipping and having returns mailed back.
  • Improved shipping system. Not 100% sure why the developers built the shipping system like they did, but that needs to be updated.
  • Dispute system. Something that will eventually become a reality later on.
  • Shop URL updates. +
  • Improved support area. We are currently limited in how we can manage the support area, so that needs to be improved.
  • Two Factor Authentication. Additional security measures are always a good thing.

Version 3...

  • Tax Management System. Not something we have to deal with right now, but if the site grows, we'll need to abide by various new state tax regulations.
  • Shop Tax Management. Adding the ability for shop owners to manage taxes.
  • QuickBooks Export. Ability to export your financial details to QuickBooks and potentially other programs.

Version 4...

  • Mobile version. Not sure if it'll include the admin management parts, but it'll definitely have the frontend.

We'll be adding and crossing things off this list over time. If you have a suggestion, please feel free to send us a support ticket, we are building this site for you and the only way we can do that is with your feedback.